Thursday, September 30, 2004


Dingin banget euy hari ini ... brrrrrr. Seharian ini Jakarta (at least daerah Gatot Subroto Kuningan) mendung, jadi udara berasa rada "sejuk" :D. Tapi di dalam ruangan suasana malah dinginnnnn huehehehue. Prasaan setting AC normal-normal ajah padahal.

Btw, Minggu tgl 3 nanti Bandung akan ada even simPATIzone. Namanya simPATIzone FreeGames. Yang di Medan seminggu sebelumnya sukses abis (hadiahnya motor sih). Yang di Bandung mestinya lebih sukses lagi. Dinilai dari target peserta + persiapannya pula. Nah buat simPATIzoner di Bandung, met berjuang yah hari Minggu ini.

Dah dulu ah, mo coding lagi heheheheh. Bikin sistem registrasi asuransi untuk menyambut masa mudik nanti. *bongkar-bongkar arsip program tahun kemarin*

Brrrrr ..... besok pake sweater ah

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Ma Petite Souer

Hehehehehehe, we're not talking about rara's nephew. But Jordy Lemoine.
Jordy who ?
Triggered by a thread on tweety femmy's blog, I try to make a flashback for you.

Jordy Lemoine, born on January 14,1988. He's French.
In 1992 he made a sensational form in music industry. His singel "Dur dur d'etre bebe' staying at #1 for about 15 weeks in France. The song was written and produced by his parents. The second single "Alison" and the first album "Pochette Surprise" were also sucessful and it made his fame spread worldwide. Both of single and album went platinum lho. He went on a publicity tour to USA where he was the gust of Michael Jackson.

On returning to France, he recorded the second album "Potion Magique". But it was less sucessful the the first one altough the first track song featured in John Travolta's "Look who's talking now!".

In 94 he was band from raido & tv in France, because they thought his parents were exploiting him. Which ended his career.

His parents built a children farm theme park called "Le Ferme de Jordy" but no one went and it closed in 1996. In the same year, Jordy's parent divorced.

By the way, he's the youngest singer who enter Billboard 100 charts. He's also the youngest to have a #1 hit. At the age of 4 1/2.

Hueuehuehuehuehue, I've got 11 Jordy's songs from his first album and Duur duur d'etre bebe video clip :P

Et maman,
elle s'occupera encore de moi
Elle m'aimera toujours aussi fort, aussi fort

Dis papa,
elle est belle ma petite soeur
Jepourrais la prende dans mes bras
Dis papa, comment elle s'appelle, ja pourrais
I'emmener á l'ecole
Elle jouera avec moi, je verux la voir
la, la, la

I love this "Ma Petite Souer" song ... slow, cute, cool

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Today today today

good morning,

browsing sitenya si tweety femmy, dapatnya ini :D

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Beberapa daemon pagi-pagi tadi sempet drop karena power problem di datacenter, tapi dah OK semua dong
Tapi sebel juga sih HP penuh sms notifikasi :P

Trus dapat oleh-oleh manisan jambu dari medan favorit gue huehuehuehuehue *nyam nyam nyam nyam*

Monday, September 27, 2004

Hujan lagi

Setelah hujan "pemanasan" siang tadi, sore ini ujan benerannya di mulai. Lom jam 5 sore, langit dah gelap kaya dah lewat Maghrib ajah, udah gitu ujannya deras, udah gitu keinget kalo ga bawa jas ujan, udah gitu harus nunggu di kantor ampe ujan selesai baru bisa balik, udah gitu rencana di bawah berarti gagal dilaksanakan, udah gitu ... udah

What you plan to do today ?

1. Bli sandal kelinci ukuran yg gedean buat si eunice
2. Bli mi siram todongan kakaknya eunice
3. Bli bantal (bawanya gimana yah kalo pake motor ???)
4. Bli DVD xXx-nya Vin Diesel
5. Bli rante buat ngiket helm, kesian kalo dicantelin ke ujung jok terus



Hari ini akhirnya Jakarta hujan juga, lumayan untuk sedikit menyegarkan kota dengan tingkat polusi tertinggi di Indonesia (dan Asean juga kayanya) ini. Ga deras-deras amat sih, tapi yang jelas mereka yang kesulitan air akan sedikit bernafas lega dan mulai siap-siap untuk khawatir (banjir bo, ga pernah ga).

Eh, aku bawa jas ujan ga yah ?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Green PC

Hehehehehe, my pc at office just turn to "green".
Last night after finishing some stuff I watched Daniel "Odong" playing Ragnarok. Such a boring game for me, and I had nothing to do but watching him playing. I try to install Visio 2003 service pack 1 on my T30 but it took too much time. Pathetic.

So I decided to do something with my Dell PC. Only GX110 hehehe PIII 700. I start installing SuSE Linux 9.1 just like what I had on my T22. Everything went well, completely no errors during installation. And after that, I still have time to make some update direct to SuSE Germany. And applying Visio 2003 process at my T30 has no progress, even it's been restarted twice. Pathetic ....

Hehehehe, now people is amazed watching my new desktop. The themes is dominated by green color (SuSE's trademark color). Execept poorly font collection everything is OK. Playing music, VCD, mail, browsing, compose document, reading pdf, Yahoo Messenger even using cdwriter for burning data :)

Once more, it's free and it's virus free heuhueuehehueuhe :P

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Corner ...

There's a boy on the horizon
Where the mountains meet the sea
Just around the corner
Great possibilities

Now we're getting warmer
Look,here come's the future
Just around the corner

-- ost card captor sakura

I've re-arranged my room yesterday after lunch ..
Phew, i need a vacuum cleaner, and ant exterminator


Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Hmmm, yesterday was fun :)

It's about 10 minutes after I post the Mango Tragedy entries.
The wound was reopened and start bleeding again .... hiks

Here's what I did.... + adding more ice.
Inuyasha and Kagome were looking at the wound :P

Better solution hehehehehe, i bought Hansaplast before go to TPS

And this what i got from TPS

Mr Yellow Sapi

Hehehehehe, cute isn't it.

I sent a picture of me holding Mr. Sapi to Rara on Monday night
She said it's cute, she's crazy about it.

And i started to think ...
Which one is cute ? Me or Mr. Sapi ?
Hmmmm ....

I want Eunice (Rara's lil sis) to see Mr. Sapi, hope she'll like it :)

Monday, September 20, 2004

Mango Tragedy

I woke up today in the middle of the night, 00.45am ... I feel no headache anymore after took medicine hours before. I feel so thirsty, so i went to kitchen. After drinking 4 glasses of water from refrigerator make my throat feeling better. Then i saw mangoes.

I haven't eat mangoes in these last few months. Mangga muda ... nyam nyam nyam. I found no salt, so i plan to eat it just with ketchup cap Bango (advertising :P). And that the tragey begun.

Is it me for not being carefull or is it my bad day ? I thought it's both of them. I got cut by my fruit knife when making the last slices.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, my left thumb was cut so bad. Blood everywhere, on the floor, on my trunks, tissues and almost cover my left hand. I know there's no betadine in the house, nor bandage and alcohol to clean up the wound. I have to stop the beeding immediately and clean up the wound.

Think fast. A bowl of hot water, a clean handkerchief, tissues, ice blocks. handkerchief+hot water to clean up the wound and blood from my hand. Ice to also for cleaning the wound but i hope it can "freeze" the blood stream and stop the bleeding. It worked, but it also made me scream when those ice blocks touch the wound for the first time, 2nd time, 3rd time. Martono woke up and saw my wound.

Yeah yeah , my thumb was cut about 1.5cm, quite deep, what so good about it? Help me up bro. I crush the ice blocks into pieces, put it on my handkerchief and tie it up around my thumb. One last scream :P

Huhu hu hu hu hu hu .... :(

Sunday, September 19, 2004

These Days

I was walking around, just a face in the crowd
Trying to keep myself out of the rain
Saw a vagabond king wear a styrofoam crown
Wondered if I might end up the same
There's a man out on the corner, singing old songs about change
Everybody got their cross to bare, these days

Seminggu ini menyebalkan banget, boring n nyebelin. Orang-orang kerjanya payah, pada semaunya sendiri. Seakan-akan mereka tuh ndoro-ndoro yang sok berkuasa. Segala sesuatu kalo ga diserahkan pada ahlinya untuk ditangani emang pasti akan berantakan. Sama juga dengan satu bagian di ktr yang ditinggal pindah salah satu personilnya ke bagian lain. Berantakan, jadwal ga jelas, ribet n ribut sendiri internal mereka, flow ga jelas bahkan maunya apa juga ga jelas. Yang lebih parah dengan segala ketidak jelasan itu pada minta cepet. Membantu mencari kejelasan akan mau mereka ajah dah takes time.

Know about manythings is so good for you, but sometime it is also sucks. When people think you can do this, you know that, you're able to bla bla bla, then prepare your self. Some of the thoughts are corrects, but some of them not. The worst part is when you have to do the part that you're not suppose to do just because you know, you can and you're good at it, and you got nothing from it. Blah!

These days - the stars seem out of reach
But these days - there ain't a ladder on the streets
These days - are fast, love don't last in this graceless age
Even innocence has caught the midnight train

Plan to go to Mangga Dua on Tuesday was canceled. So I went there yesterday with Pii and Martono. Bought addtional RAM for the f******g IBM T30, bought my girl DVD Game The SIMS 2, One Piece Box Set 6, Inuyasha The Movie 3, Inuyasha volume 31-37, Get Backers 1-25, Gundam Seed Special Editions. I want to buy a pair of webcam but unfortunatelly there's no more money in my pocket :P

Today i cleand up my room. Re-arrange everything specially papers, my dvds and comics collection. Why there's many ants in my room. I hate ants....

Now I got headache ... ughh. Need to relax and watching Inuyasha .... :)

These days - the stars seem out of reach
But these days - there ain't a ladder on the streets
These days - are fast, nothing last
There ain't no time to waste
There ain't nobody left to take the blame
There ain't nobody left but us these days
Ain't nobody left but us these days

These Days - Bon Jovi

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

GMail Invitation

Hari ini si Razi nodong-nodong gmail account ke gue. Lah mana gue punya kalo gmailnya ga ngasih invite. Ya udah terus iseng-iseng login ke gmail ... eh ternyata dah ada invite dari Google, 6 account sekaligus. Langsung deh si bos ribut minta segera di invite. Lom kelar nulis namanya, Oom Jajang ma Oom Rony dah nodong juga. Hehehehehehe, laris manis.

Ya udah sekalian gue invite si Martono yang ngidam gmail sejak dahulu kala :P

Nanas all the way

Btw, sepanjang jalan kenangan kita slalu bergandeng tangan
Hehehehehe maksudnya sepanjang jalan ke Lembang kemarin, kebetulan dapat bus yang enak. Tempat duduk lega (2 seat dikuasai sendiri :P), jadi bisa nyantai. Merhatiin jalan begitu masuk ciater penjual buah berjejeran. Isinya mayoritas sama. Nanas!

Coba ada RaRa, pasti dia rewel minta berhenti beli nanas. Tapi yang menarik perhatianku sih karena selain jualan nanas, mereka ada yang jualan krupuk snack favorit semasa kecil dulu :P Ada yang nyebut krupuk upil, krupuk unyil atau krupuk melarat. Gorengnya soale pake pasir. Kalo dimakan pake sambal petis ... waaaaaw. Yummy.

12/09/2004 09.00 wib
setelah kumpul di Wisma Mulia, naek bis executive ... kayanya panitia salah set bis neh, hehehehe abis kok ada toiletnya, padahal di pengumuman sebelumnya bis-bis buat bujangan 40 seats without toilet :P

Nah karena nuy molor sejak lewat Carrefour cawang, jadi ga bisa cerita apa ajah yg ada sepanjang jalan, yang jelas banyak mobil. Ke bangun lagi pas kejebak macet di tol Sadang. Buset deh ini tol belum jadi apa yah ? Jalannya ga mulus penuh jerawat bikin bobo ga nyenyak.
Lepas tol Sadang jalan lancar sampe masuk daerah Ciater (itu yang ada masjid kubah biru). Macet total gara-gara perempatan Sari Ater. Asli deh nyebelin, dah laper (cemilan abis, ga sarapan, silverqueen item 5 biji dirampok anak2 lain). Mandengin jalan liat orang jual buah nanas, nanas, nanas dan nanas. Ih, ga ada yang lain apa? Mangga muda gitu, kan enak digado pake garam or kecap. Pingin beli krupuk unyil tapi pintu bis dikunci, susah keluar .. ya udah deh manyun ajah di bis, buka laptop n nonton Sakura Taisen sampe batre abis. Sehabis lolos dari perempatan Sari Ater berkat bantuan pak polisi, jalan lowong abis. Buset deh, stuck 2 jam lebih cuman gara-gara itu.

12/09/2004 15.20 wib
Sampe di Putri Gunung Hotel & Resort. Tempatnya bagus juga, jadi inget lembah Dieng di Malang. Begitu turun bis langsung nyerbu tempat makan. Hehehehehe, setelah pembagian kamar selesai langsung deh nyari tempat maen futsal (katanya ada dipengumuman sebelumnya). Setelah nyasar2 akhirnya ketemu juga, hehehehe di dasar lembah. Tempat maen bola di lereng sebelah atas, di bawah ada gundukan tempat buat maen golf dgn satu lobang. Karena yang maen bola banyak, akhirnya tempat itupun kita akuisisi :P Setelah satu jam maen bola, stamina mulai deh keteteran .. semua pada tereakin panitia buat ngambil aer minum (pada lupa bawa soale), setelah sempat kalah 4-3 dan harus topless maen bola (rumputnya bikin gatal pula) akhirnya tim gue berbalik unggul 6-4. (ganti tim lawan yang topless hehuehuehu). Cuman bencana buat gue waktu niat mo bikin hattrick karena pas di gundukan golf gue kena tackling + kepleset. Cedera deh, otot kaki kiri ketarik ... lumayan parah sampe ga bisa jalan :P Setelah istirahat 20 menit (berbalut counterpain+deker) nekat maen lagi, nyumbang satu assist sebelum ditarik keluar lagi :P Buat lari ga kerasa sakitnya, pas harus jalan biasa, buset deh.
Acara diteruskan dengan game-game bikinan panitia. Ada game pindahin karet pake sedotan buat pasangan suami istri, ada game pindahin bola pingpong pake sendok, ada game tiup balon yang bikin bibir peserta pada jontor (abis saking nafsunya niup, tuh balon sampe meletus). Acara selesai pas mo maghrib, gue harus susah payah ke cottage yang ada di atas ... hueeeeeee. Ya udah deh lari-lari kecil naek ke atas sambil cengar cengir .. padahal dalam hati tereak nahan sakit di kaki.

12/09/2004 19.00 wib
Makan malam, ada kambing guling di luar tapi masih dibungkus. Akhirnya bersama beberapa orang diem ajah nungguin kambing guling (ceritanya biar jadi yang pertama gitu) sebelum akhirnya diusir panitia suruh masuk ke dalam ruang makan lagi :P

12/09/2004 20.00 wib
Acara utama yang ditunggu-tunggu, undian doorprize :) Tahun ini IT pesta doorprize, jumlahnya jauh lebih banyak dari tahun kemarin walo ga ada yang wah banget (kaya si Vera tahun kemarin dapat MiniDV Sony PC105E). Sekarang paling gede AC Plasma ama Home Theater JVC :D Gue dapat DVD Player Samsung ... dobel deh, di kamar kan dah ada Phillips. Kasih ke nyokap di Malang ajah deh, atau barter ma yg lain. Di ktr nanti pasti ada lelang dadakan :P
Orang-orang pada nikmati lagu (aslinya sih liatin 2 penyanyi cantik pake rok mini) sampe lupa ada kambing guling di luar, jagung bakar, jagung rebus dll :P Untung aku ma linthon dah standby diluar hehehehe jadi langsung nyerbu begitu kambing guling di sajikan.

12/09/2004 22.00 wib
Acara selesai, yang lain pada mo maen kartu. Tapi gue pilih tidur ajah ah berharap besok kaki dah baikan.

13/09/2004 06.00 wib
Kumpul di lapangan bola, menurut jadwal hari ini ada aerobik. But where is everybody ? Kaki dah lumayan baik walo sempet sakit mendadak waktu bangun mo subuhan. Sambil nunggu yang lain buat jogging dulu ama maen basket 3 on 3. Bolanya ga bisa mantul, payah neh. Kurang angin kayanya. Mo maen bola lagi lapangan terlalu basah krn embun. Ya udah akhirnya mulai aerobik ajah walo cuman terkumpul 12 orang. Pas aerobik lagi jalan baru deh beberapa orang muncul, tapi total ga sampe 50% peserta :P

13/09/2004 08.00 wib
Sarapan .... nyam nyam nyam. Makan sehabis olahraga emang nikmat .. langsung gembul huehuehueheue. Trus minumnya ada (sari)jus mangga, jambu ma orange. Sampe dilihatin orang, isi piring numpuk, minumnya 4 gelas warna warni pula (ada susu juga soale :P) EGP, kalian kan abis molor, gue kan dah 2 jam exercise mana betis dah mulai sakit lagi pula :P

13/09/2004 09.30 wib
Sehabis sarapan ada acara ulang tahun anaknya Torang. Ada badut, teletubbies (walo cuman lala doang) sama balon-balon. Sehabis itu disusul game lagi diantaranya gebuk bantal di atas kolam renang. Yah masa gue nonton badut, jadi balik ke kamar ajah mo mandi aer dingin biar seger. Keasyikan nonton discovery akhirnya malah molor ga jadi mandi :P

13/09/2004 11.00 wib
Bangun bobo, mandi. Room mate gue si Pii datang bawa para krucil (ade-ade kelas waktu sekolah dulu yang barusan ketrima jadi penghuni the 11th floor) nyari2 aer minum. Abis deh aqua, pocari, teh botol dalam kotak. Kelar mandi krucil yang nyisa cuman si Agusst doang lagi asyik nonton TV.

13/09/2004 12.00 wib
Abis jama' dhuhur ma ashar gue nyalain HBO, eh ada xXx nya Vin Diesel. Cool. Karena lom pernah nonton, akhirnya nonton deh. Pii diluar tereak-tereak minta dibukain pintu. Hehehehehehe, sowwy ga kedengeran. Abis salah sendiri keluar ga bawa kunci. Tuh pintu kan ga bisa dibuka dari luar kalo ga pake kunci. Abis itu mesti kumpul di lobi karena dah deket waktu check-out. Hiks, padahal baru berapa menit coba filmnya. Vin Diesel masih disekap di ladang kokain.

13/09/2004 13.30 wib
Setelah makan siang, perjalanan pulang pun di mulai. Buset deh dapat bis yang ga enak, sempit, trus aroma pengharum ruangan dalam bis malah bikin pusing n berasa mo muntah. Aduh .....
Eh di jalan bisnya sempet berhenti, akhirnya gue bisa beli krupuk unyil satu plastik gedeeee he he he he he. Sorry guys, not for share.

13/09/2004 16.30 wib
Ih, perjalanan pulang lancar banget.... coba berangkatnya juga selancar ini. Duh kakiku .... kemeng kabeh

Monday, September 13, 2004

Putri Gunung - Lembang

Aduh duh duh, barusan nyampe balik dari Putri Gunung - Lembang. Acara gatheringnya orang-orang IT Tsel. Lumayan dapat doorprize DVD Player Samsung.

Cuman baru ketahuan kalo stamina kedodoran abis. Maen bola baru sejam nafas dah abis, tenggorokan serasa kebakar. Trus pake injured pula. Ciyeh injured. Ceritanya mo solo run dari midfield nyerbu ke gawang lawan, apa daya kena tackling n jatuhnya ga bener. Abis deh otot betis kiri ketarik sampe paha, kram berat. sampe harus merangkak keluar lapangan :P Lumayan dah nyumbang 2 gol dan 1 assist.

Akhirnya terpincang-pincang sampe sekarang :( Ga bisa ikutan berenang, ga bisa ikutan maen gebuk bantal, padahal kan ada hadiah tambahannya :P Tapi yang penting sih have fun, ketemu banyak ponakan hehehehehe. Trus bisa nikmatin udara yang dingin dan seger. Jadi inget Malang jaman dulu. trus makan sayur terus, nyam nyam nyam .... makanan yang paling susah di dapat di Jakarta kalo ga masa sendiri.

*uh* masiy bau counterpain ......

Thursday, September 09, 2004

HaloScan mati :P

nuri@FreeBSD # ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
--- ping statistics ---
5 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss

nuri@FreeBSD # ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
--- ping statistics ---
7 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss


nuri@FreeBSD # ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=46 time=213.776 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=46 time=222.030 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=46 time=202.452 ms
--- ping statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 202.452/212.753/222.030/8.025 ms

nuri@FreeBSD # ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=46 time=207.755 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=46 time=207.378 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=46 time=233.762 ms
--- ping statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 207.378/216.298/233.762/12.350 ms

Jakarta 9/9 - The Pictures

From "Ground Zero"

Another pictures can be viewed from these sites (by supri, temen skolah di malang dulu :P) (by adi permadi, sctv)

Jakarta 9/9 - Duka Cita

Turut berduka cita untuk semua korban tragedi Jakarta 9-9-2004, semoga keluarga yang ditinggalkan diberi ketegaran. Para petugas yang mengadakan penyelidikan maupun merawat korban-korban lainnya juga di beri kekuatan serta petunjuk untuk segera mengungkap kasus ini hingga tuntas (i hope so).

Seperti sebelumnya, semua korban meninggal adalah wong cilik ..... Di pojokan MMC situ ada penjual majalah tempat aku beli komik kalo abis maen bola di pasfes, ada penjual bakpao yang enak juga. Deket plasa 89 ada penjual teh botol, tempat mampir dulu sembari nunggu kopaja kalo abis dari TBI ...

Innalillahi wa innailaihi rojiun ....
Astagfirullah ....

Di TV (Anteve, MetroTV, SCTV), tampak seorang polisi dengan tubuh bersimbah darah (I mean bener-bener bersimbah darah, tubuhnya dah kaya abis diguyur darah gitu!!!!) sedang berusaha keras bangkit dan naik dari dalam selokan dengan sisa-sisa tenaganya. Mungkin dia terlempar masuk ke situ akibat efek ledakan. Dia berusaha naik, terpeleset dan jatuh lagi, terus berusaha naik lagi dan berhasil. Tapi setelah itu dia hanya mampu tergeletak ga mampu mengangkat badannya lagi sewaktu sampai di atas selokan.

Masya Allah, dalam hatiku, itu kameramen ama reporter ga punya belas kasihan atau rasa kemanusiaan sedikitpun apa ??!!! Dalam tayangan, polisi itu sendirian, ga ada di sekitar dia kecuali sang kameramen ma reporter. Bersuara untuk minta tolongpun dia seakan dah ga mampu. Sementara orang yang paling dekat dengan dirinya malah asyik dengan kamera menyorot penderitaanya tanpa mengulurkan tangan untuk membantunya naik dari selokan atau teriak minta bantuan ke yang lain.

Masya Allah, demi rating dan liputan TV, rasa kemanusiaanmu kau gadaikan.

Jakarta 9/9 - Mabok

Wah wah wah wah wah.
Kanal komunikasi penuh mulai ponsel hingga situs dengan hits tertinggi di Indonesia (pa lagi kalo ada peristiwa-peristiwa kaya gini) ....

Yang bisa diakses cuman index.htm nya doang baik di maupun Pas follow linknya langsung deh mampus ... Error Loading + Connection refused.

Mereka perlu bikin load balancer lebih banyak lagi kayanya ....

Jakarta 9/9 - EXPLOSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not Haru's sword in manga/anime Rave. It's not a joke ! It's the real explosion man !!!! Big explosion near my office. All news say that the explosion is suspected came from Australian Embassy. What the hell ?

The sound of the explosion reach Blok M (about 7KM far from the "hotzone"), and the smoke ... wow, it's like I'm watching hollywood war movies. White, big, and flow higher than JW Marriot building

Ada apa dengan

seharian kemarin coba post soal Cak Munir tapi ga muncul2 di blog gue.
hmmmm something wrong, postingnya masuk tapi ga bisa dipublish baik dari tool diluar maupun via web editornya ... blahhh :P

tapi untung pagi ini waktu gue re-pubish lagi thread ttg Cak Munir muncul ...
tapi telat 2 hari deh jadinya

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Selamat jalan, Cak Munir

Seorang Arema yang berprestasi, terutama di bidang kemanusiaan telah pergi untuk selamanya. Seorang tokoh muda yang tegar dan bernyali besar melebihi besar tubuhnya sendiri. Seorang yang teguh mempertahankan komitmen dan idealismenya untuk memperjuangkan masyarakat sipil. Selama ini, Munir yang menjadi ikon dari pejuang demokrasi, kerap bersuara kritis terhadap penindasan, kekerasan negara dan ketidakadilan melalui LSM Kontras dan YLBHI (Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia).

Derita yang dia hadapi, teror, intimidasi, ancaman pembunuhan dan lain sebagainya adalah bagian hidup dia dan keluarganya sebagai konsekuensi keteguhannya menjadi pejuang hak asasi manusia di negeri yang nyaris hancur ini. Buah perjuangan Munir salah satunya adalah reformasi di negara ini. Yah mungkin kata reformasi itu masih jadi bahan cibiran orang karena emang belum seperti gambaran para mahasiswa waktu menduduki gedung MPR dan melengserkan orang gede saat itu. Tapi kita ga bisa ingkar akan kebebasan bicara dan mulai menipisnya peran militer dalam kekuasaan negara. Paling ngga ia bukan penguasa absolut lagi di negeri ini. Terungkapnya kasus Marsinah di Jawa Timur pada awal 90'an lalu juga salah satu hasil kerja kerasnya.

Orang baik dan menjadi yang terbaik di bidangnya seringkali dipanggil terlebih dahulu oleh Sang Khalik semisal Baharudin Lopa

Selamat jalan, Cak Munir.

"Human rights in the sense of human solidarity has created a new universal and equal language going beyond racial, gender, ethnic or religious boundaries. That is why we consider it a doorway to dialogue for people of all socio-cultural groups and all ideologies." - Munir, The Livelihood Award 2000

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Matsuri is a song composed by Kitaro. Matsuri means festival And i start to listening again to his songs for the last week. This is will be my Kitaro Month. I feel peace and relax when listening to his songs. Never heard about Kitaro? Ok, I'll try to make a bried introduction about him to you.

Kitaro was born as Masanori Takahashi Feb 4th, 1953 in Japan in a little town called Toyohashi. He started to play electric guitar in a band called "Albatros" at high school. Most of the songs were written by Kitaro, both lyrics and melodies. Later in the -60s he started a band called " Far East Family Band" where he played keyboard. They made two rock albums.

In 1972 he visited Europe for the first time, and there he met Klaus Schulze, who was a real virtuoso on the synthesizer. He also met "Tangerine Dream", one of the first bands in the "New Age" style. It was now Kitaro discovered all the fantastic qualities of a great synthesizer! " With that I can create all kinds of atmospheres! I can create the sea, the wind, everything!" And that's what he has done on every album he has made!

His first solo effort, Astral Voyage, was released in 1978 and was well recieved by cult followers. Later he produced the Silk Road soundtracks, a Japanese Television Documentary Series. His gentle, lush, and majestic melodies show his ability to embody the human spirit in his music. He created his albums in the privacy of his home studio near Mt. Fuji, Japan. Kitaro prefers to call his music simply " spiritual" and says " Feeling is the most important element in my music. "

By the mid '80s, he was still cosidered an underground artist in America, until he was picked up by Geffen Records in 1986. The next year, Mickey Hart, of The Greatful Dead, helped Kitaro with the release of, The Light of the Spirit, which was nominated for the Best New-Age Performance Grammy Award, and he made his first North American Live Tour.

Somewhere in the late '80s or early '90s, Kitaro's style had changed, more theatrical and assertive, while still possessing a certain level of innocence and purity. Kitaro has lived in the United States fot the past five years now, on a 180-acre spred outside Boulder, Colorado in his 2500-square-foot home studio, ( "It's large enough to hold a 70-piece orchestra -- big enough for me! " he chuckles). All though he loves his country of Japan and his origins, he left due to a dislike of the new government and their attitudes of socialism and the distruction of artists' creativity. He does however, return each year to the foot of Mt. Fuji to perform the ritual drum ceremoney, he started in 1983. In this ritual, from sunrise to sunset, he beats towering Taiko drums so passionately that his hands often bleed.

He was honored with "The Golden Globe Award" for the soundtrack of "Heaven and Earth", an Oliver Stone movie. He has been nominated for the "Grammy Award" several times, the latest in '99 for "Gaia/Onbashira".

These are my KItaro collection, only got 2 CDs that i bought at 1997 from album Dream and Live in America:p

Monday, September 06, 2004

Jirachi, The Wishmaker

Last night, i watched this movie. Pokemon Jirachi: The Wishmaker on my laptop. The sixth Pokémon feature may well rank as the most satisfying entry in the series because the filmmakers avoid the overblown threats of the earlier films.

Ash and Brock are joined not by Misty, but by May and her little brother Max, on a trip to a festival. Butler the magician and his assistant Diane introduce them to Jirachi, a wish-granting Pokémon that emerges every thousand years, when the Millennium Comet appears in the sky.

Max and Jirachi quickly bond. Butler tries to exploit the energy Jirachi receives from the comet to regenerate an extinct Pokémon. He accidentally creates a monster that Ash, Max, and Jirachi have to defeat, but it's not the kind of world-threatening menace that throw the previous Pokémon features out of balance. I always like all series of Pokemon Movie. Hehehehehehehe, there's so many cute creatures inside. And when you heart pikachu screaming, mumbling, talking to another pokemons ... hehehehehe the voice is so cute :P

This DVD comes with extras, including "Gotta Dance!", involving Meowth and a magical wand that makes Pokemon dance to "Polka O Dolka" (Japanese name). Can Pikachu and friends save the captured Whismur, and themselves at the same time? It's funny watching them run after each other and then suddenly stop to dance together and after that they start chasing each other again :P

Also, the DVD contains a music video of "Make a Wish", the ending song, which is sung by Asuca Hayashi. She sang "Chiisaki Mono", which is the ending song for the Japanese version of "Jirachi Wish Maker". Cool song




Sunday, September 05, 2004

New Helmet

This is my new helmet i bought yesterday :)
Pretty cool ...

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Metro TV's Midnight Live

I'm watching MetroTV's Minight Live Talkshow when writing this. The topic is about Indonesian Porn Movies Industry. Wow. Really, it's new for me. OK, there's a hot news about the newest "VCD Porno" from Bandung (again) this month. You can find the news almost on every media. internetet, radio, tv etc.

Wow, what can i say? I thought those movies (Indonesian XXX movie) were homemade movies. You know, couples want to documented their "action" but when they want to transfer from analog format (Hi-8, MiniDV) to digital (VCD/DVD) problems came up. The movie that supposed to be personal collection suddenly went to public.

But, this is a commercial movie gitu lho :P Indonesian commercial porn movies. Busyettt, i just knew it today. This is the topic that missed from Emka's Jakarta's Undercover series :P Heuheuheuheuhuheue

So, how's the bussiness work ?

Based on the talk show, there's a producer. Who also became a director, story maker, cameramen, editor. He (mostly men :P) plan everything. Budget, place, script (if it's needed. Is it ?) and "casting" the players.

Then the players. It's easy to get the male player, finding the female player is more difficult. The girls usually a pro, i mean they've worked in the XXX business before. Like call girl, street hooker etc. Of course they should have good looking, nice body and so on. Age 17-25. The guest of the show said that she's been doing that since 17 years old.

Filming process. Located in hotel or villa. It took 3-4 hours for taking the scenes. 4 hours ? Well, sometime they also need to re-take the scene :P Medicines are used to keep the players "stay on track".

Marketing. After finish editing, the producer sell to distributor. Of course it's a big player which has strong back up from you know who :P The distributor then make the copies and distributed to the market.

Geez .... It's scary but that's reality. Now i'm thinking about the future i'm gonna face.Someday when i have family, have kids, how can i protect them from these kind of social-ethic-moral disease ? I have to put them in good neighbourhood, give the proper education about everything etc etc etc. Waaaaaaaaa....

That's it. I change the channel to Anteve. Barcelona vs Jubilo Iwata is much more interesting for me. Barcelona still leading 3-0 by 2 goals from Henrik Larsson and 1 from Luis Garcia. For me, there are 2 great soccer players with amazing skill. Dribling, shooting, agility, free kick etc. Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldinho.

Friday, September 03, 2004


Last night I watched this movie on my Laptop. Windstruck, a korean movie. A light romantic-comedy movie that I recommend you to watch. If you have watched another korean movie "My Sassy Girl" (2001), you'll find similarities inside Windstruck. Within a short period of four weeks, Windstruck had garnered a box office of 2,229,000 admissions, and become one of the top four domestic movies of the year. It is no wonder that the show would be a big hit, especially since the director is none other than Kwak Jae-yong, who was responsible for the success of the 2001 hit, My Sassy Girl. Also, the main stars -- Jeon Ji-hyun, one of the most popular actresses in Korea and Asia and up-and-coming actor Jang Hyuk -- contributed to its success.

Waaaaa, Jeon Ji-Hyun !!! She's so cuteeeee :)

OK, the movie starts with an acoustic version of Knockin' On Heaven's Door. This movie made in 2004, but that song is not performed by Avril Lavigne, like I thought before :P It's performed by a female korean singer. Ji-Hyun, standing at the top of a building, attempting to commit suicide, with Jang Hyuk as the background narrator. It then moves on to a flashback and switches to a narrative mode to tell the story of the preceding events which eventually lead to the opening scene. Ji-Hyun play as police officer Yeo Kyung-jin, pretends to be a tough policewoman, but she is not very competent at first. One day, while pursuing a mugger, she picks up the wrong guy. It turns out that Go Myung-woo (Jang Hyuk), a newly hired physics teacher at an all-girls' high school, was actually chasing the mugger. He is soon cleared and released.

Soon Myung-woo returns to the police station as part of a program in which teachers help officers patrol the streets at night. Guess what? He teams up with - surprise, surprise - Kyung-jin, and the two have a chance to get closer. A series of scenes designed for comic relief follow, and a couple of them seem to work. Funny actions begun. Kyung-jin beat up a bunch of kids on the street, blew up undercover cop operation, stuck together in handcuff, etc.

Soon they became lover. Unfortunately, Windstruck has sad ending (some of the scene remind of Demi Moore's Ghost). That's the difference between Windstruck and My Sassy Girl. But the thing that disturbing me is the appareance of Cha Tae-hyun in the end of movie. Myung-woo told Kyung-jin that someday she will met the guy who has his soul. And she finally meet him at the train station. But why Tae-hyun ??? It's so mixed up coz Tae-hyun is the dumb guy at My Sassy Girl :P That's why i think that Windstruck is My Sassy Girl 2 hehehehehehehe.

Nevermind, I love to watch Jeon Ji-Hyun :)

Jeon Ji-Hyun (see? she's so cute) and Jang Hyuk

stuck in handcuff

Kyung-jin visiting Myung-woo when he's teaching.
Kyung-jin and Myung-woo touring to mountain

Kyung-jin save Myung-woo when their jip slide and jump to the river.
Kyung-jin meet Myung-woo, her vision when she's dying coz of a gun shot

Those are the screen shots and last but not least, these are the pics of Jeon Ji-Hyun



Thursday, September 02, 2004

Customer Dodol!!!

Tgl 1 September kemarin excute 21 nomor corporate customer PT XXX berbasis di Bogor untuk TopUp pulsa simPATI sebesar Rp. 200 ribu. Semua jalan OK seperti biasanya. Report ada, nomor seri voucher yang dipakai muncul, CDR pun di-generate.

Eh siang tadi pas aku lagi ikut presentasi dari Integration Management Australia, hp vibrate mulu dari nomor si Kampung ama si Odong. Odong nyari karena database space full di mesin 19 (lagian itu bukan mesin gue n ga make db di sana). Si kampung ribut masalah PT XXXX. Yang make salah satu nomor PT XXX complain kalo dia cuman nerima Rp. 150ribu hasil TopUp, bukannya Rp. 200ribu.

What the hell ...

Based on report TopUp nomor itu udah completed TopUp Rr. 200 ribu, nomor serinya pun ada. Cross check dengan Pak Jajang di voucher management juga benar. Akhirnya lihat call detail orang itu deh. Nomor simPATI Sulawesi. Di lihat dari call patternya dia makenya lompat-lompat, ga murni daily. Trus mostly SMS.

Pertengahan Agustus balance dia tinggal Rp. 43 ribu, abis itu ga ada record sampe tgl 1 September. Tgl 2 September jam 10 siang dia mulai SMS. Balance saat itu Rp. 243ribu. Rese kan ? Dah jelas-jelas dia dapat tambahan Rp. 200 ribu pake nepu segala dengan bilang cuman Rp. 150ribu.

Kayanya PT XXX harus dikasih warning neh, employee-nya ada yang bermasalah. Report dah di bikin komplit dengan call detailnya. Biar urusan Bos CAM buat nyelesein.

CAM nya payah juga, punya kerjaan tapi ga jelas. Kasian deh lihat si Kampung yang harus pontang panting ngurusin mereka.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Slide Along Side

One love one shot
It's all we ever got
Girl you got me started
Now I'm not gonna stop
Now slide along side yeah baby that's right
I'm gonna show you the time of your life
Oh girly girly come and dance with me
Move that naughty body come close to me
Now slide along side yeah baby that's right
I'm gonna show you the time of your life

This is it love
It's what dreams are made of
But its still up to us to feel the rush
To pursue all the things only Gods can touch
I wanna meet the odds with royal flush
To fall
I gave my all
But it wasn't enough
I'm never giving up I found life
So I've gotta live it up
And life is too short for war
What can I say to show theres more
With people slammin doors in my face and what for
That aint the way to gain plays
By making the same mistake day after day
I gotta slide man get away the smile on my face its a sunny day girls and drinks and more drinks
Come to think
For such a big place its a small world
For such a rat race i still got faith
And anything goes still I got to say life has its ups and downs but I love it anyway

One love one shot
It's all we ever got
Girl you got me started
Now I'm not gonna stop
Now slide along side yeah baby that's right
I'm gonna show you the time of your life
Oh girly girly come and dance with me
Move that naughty body come close to me
Now slide along side yeah baby that's right
I'm gonna show you the time of your life

Hey pretty girl pretty girl its on
We gonna dance like boogie come on
Do it all night long
Let it go ain't no holding back now
Gotta slide pretty baby that's right
There's nothing I can't do with you by my side
There's nowhere we can go that we wouldn't show 'em up
I gotta have a type for destruction
Livin life that's right
She's daddy's little angel but she wasn't last night
Now these are the breaks yeah baby that's right
Now I got you, yeah I got you baby
I want your body and you drive me crazy
It's hard to resist such a sexy lady
Come with me you'll have the time of your life
You want to set the mood I guess the timing is right
And it takes two to make a thing go right
But what's it gonna take to take you home tonight

One love one shot
It's all we ever got
Girl you got me started
Now I'm not gonna stop
Now slide along side yeah baby that's right
I'm gonna show you the time of your life
Oh girly girly come and dance with me
Move that naughty body come close to me
Now slide along side yeah baby that's right
I'm gonna show you the time of your life

You're gonna shine like a sunny day
All you girls comin out and play
If you want you can slide my way
Let me hear you say heeeeyyy
[Repeat x2]

Sliiiiiidddddeeee...Oh Woah

One love one shot
It's all we ever got
Girl you got me started
Now I'm not gonna stop
Now slide along side yeah baby that's right
I'm gonna show you the time of your life
Oh girly girly come and dance with me
Move that naughty body come close to me
Now slide along side yeah baby that's right
I'm gonna show you the time of your life
[Repeat x2]

I was watching MTV last Saturday (after years) when the video clip of this song is being played
Nice song, click on here to download the mp3