Sunday, December 10, 2006



I felt my condition is in the lowest point ever.
My brain seemed want to do nothing. Almost 2 days full hibernating like a polar bear.
The only time i went out my room was last night for food and this morning. Jogging for about 2 hours. Lost my breath after made only 2 rounds in the park. Hehehehe, pathetic. Lock my self again in the room after that.

Starting tomorrow, I'll do some trial test which I've already lost interest in it. There's no point you'll spent energy doing testing on a product that "full of intrigue". I felt like being trapped in the circle of devils. Whatever, I'll just finish my task. Nothing more, nothing less. Because there's no point for putting more effort but get nothing :)

What a boring days ... and I hate it.

I need to find a way to fire up myself again ... hmm, what's interesting now ?
Arsenal beating up Chelsea and ManUtd will lead with 9 points ahead :D

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