Friday, September 21, 2007

Presenting ...

Ya ya ya ya
I know, it's not a big deal, almost everybody could have their own domain/hosting :)
Long time ago, many friends of me tried to push me to buy my own hosting+domain

Why bother? That's what I thought

I feel comfortable with, I've made some widgets to post my blog using mms/sms direct to my account, and did some other stuff. I dont wanna also be called "victim" of youknowwho (an IT geek wanna be but end up making silly comments).

Well, I just bought a (used) Dell D600, finish installing Ubuntu 7.04. Everything work fine, and i will give that notebook to my brother in Malang the next few weeks. Back to my Thinkpad and online using 3G :) Reading some articles, blogwalking and hei ... from and old post in, i got an offer to use a dreamhost free coupon worthed $97.

Go to dreamhost and look for the hosting packages. Read read read, ok it says the platform is Debian Linux and it saves 20% if I register for 2 years. Then i chose Level 1 Package "Crazy Domain Insane" for 2 years subscription.

Have to pay about $93 via Visa+Google :) And here it is my first shell @nemesis. Cool servername .. nemesis

Ya, I was just "iseng" buying this domain :P
But I've got plan for using it :)

For starting,
What the hell is "jirolu" ?
It's an acronym in javanese lang for "1 2 3"
1 = siji = ji
2 = loro = ro
3 = telu = lu

see, I was just "iseng" :P
Laura, could you help me with word "iseng" in English pls ?