Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shenzhen The Series: Day #3

2nd day training.
Today we're learning about SS7. Interesting topic because i almost know nothing about it. Just knew a little bit from network operation people. Our trainer is Zaka from Pakistan. He's speaking English very well, so it made class more comfortable :P

Like usually, training break on 12.00-14.00. Continue after that until 17.00.
Some people of my class plan to go to Dong Men but i couldn't join them. There were many SMS and missed calls in my cellphone. Means there's problem back in HQ. *sigh*

Gimme break guys .... I need to concentrate here with my training and you just messed it up *&%@)%)@.

Got dinner in the 2F building called Leisure Zone (there are also room for playing tennis table, poker, chess, billiard, karaoke even a gym). Back to my hotel and again ... be patient with the worst internet connection I've ever used in my life.

I managed to send a 500kb file after midnight ... you can imagine that. It's "broadband" connection they said. Pheww ...

Hmmm, day has changed ... MU has destroyed Roma 7-1 and won 8-3 on aggregat. That's enough for now, i need to sleep. Class begin on 9.00.


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