Friday, July 18, 2008


Dear friends, :)

I'd like to ask an apology from all of you specially people in my network list about annoying posting I've made several days ago.
The things is I made a patch in my mms-2-wordpress module for my main blog at I should read any incoming MMS, parse it, make a posting in and then finally make replication to and Last step supposed to delete the message. So I want to test it. I set a crontab to run a process every 10 minutes.
This was the part I missed :P I commented the logic block for deleting the message :P
As the result, the crontab still processing the same message and hundred of postings with same content have been made and yes it's annoying. 
I have to spare time to delete those postings, and blogspot+multiply make my day worse by doing it one-by-one manually. *sigh*

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StandAlone said...

ah elu menyebalkan :(
tapi gapapa deh, dimaapin kok :)