Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mudik The Series, Season 3

Kind of busy for the last 2 months, but finally I managed to get a plane ticket to mudik to Malang :) Fortunatelly, I wont stay longer in Malang this year. Only from 28/09/2008  to 04/10/2008. Effectively only 5 days. But I'll try to explore my hometown within 5 days plus more culinary info :P

For the least 2 years, I reported my day-to-day activity during trip to Malang. This year is the 3rd season of my Mudik The Series :)

Mudik The Series Season 1, October 2006


Mudik The Series Season 2, October 2007

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kodokijo said...

Met Mudik Mas Nuri, salam dari Visitel :)